The Beach

The beach area is designed to be a focal point of Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa. The resort possesses 300 metres of prime beach-frontage, and thus the beach area will be utilised extensively. Various amenities will be provided on the beach. The beach is a large area and has thus been split into several distinct spaces.

  • The Hotel beach with beach club, pool and function area.
  • The Resident’s beach with cafe and restaurant.
  • The Public beach with a beach grill and bar. There will also be beach volleyball and various water-sports.

Sun loungers and parasols will be provided to hotel guests and residents but the public beach will administer a charge for use of these facilities. “Baywatch Towers” will be positioned on the beach to provide a lifeguard service for bathers. Design-wise they develop one of the underpinning themes of the architecture in the resort: the principal of the residences being inspired by the Pacific Coast / Californian beach properties. The Dunes (natural sand barriers created by wind) in front of the beach villas will be left in-situ to provide a natural privacy barrier between the residences and the beach activities. 

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