Villas range from different types of 3 bedroom semi-detached to 4 bedroom detached. There are five types of villa in Lalzit Bay Resort:

  1. Villa Coco (1a) - 400m2 plot / 229m2 gross area
  2. Villa Marilyn (2a) - 215m2 plot / 163.1m2 gross area
  3. Villa Audrey (3a) – 215m2 plot / 164.3m2 gross area
  4. Villa Brigitte (4a) – 215m2 plot / 157.6m2 gross area
  5. Villa Sophia (6a) – 215m2 plot / 166m2 gross area

They have been designed by award winning architects and inspired by modern beach-houses.

Each villa in Lalzit Bay will be light and spacious, have their own swimming pools, gardens and parking and, most importantly, be a great place for families to spend a summer holiday in.

Should you wish to enquire about prices, please contact us and we will send you an online brochure with prices, delivery schedules and exclusive facilities and services available to villa owners.

Deluxe Apartments

Deluxe apartments offer buyers the exclusivity and outdoor space of a villa, but at a significantly lower price. It’s a middle-ground between a large apartment and a small villa.

You can view the deluxe  apartment floorplans here. For more information on pricing, please contact us through the form below.

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